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Bufalo Statement to Montana Legislature

Statement Read to the Montana Legislature by the Buffalo Field Campaign
on Behalf of Marty Fire Rider Hiles

* Last Words
STATEMENT, to be read by the Buffalo Field Campaign before the Montana Legislature:

It is a sad day for all Americans when there are only 4000 of the worlds pure genetic free roaming buffalo and they are treated as a pariah that have to be removed or exterminated for the protection of cattle that populate the entire planet. What will you tell your children someday when they ask why buffalo are only in museums in the extinct section?

Buffalo are a gift from the creator as are all living species. They are the symbol of the freedom that is inherent in all that America represents in the world. To destroy this last herd would not only bring shame on the great state Montana, but also destroy a symbol of American pride, freedom and tenacious strength.

The decisions that you make from this day forward affect not only Montana, but your children and their children, including all America. How do you want to be remembered in this life time as a person devoted to preserving our American heritage or contributing toward its destruction.

The legislators attempts to roundup, slaughter, neuter, hunt buffalo, especially the attempt to allow Indians to hunt only by traditional methods was an affront to all Indians. Montana´s insensitivity and methods toward the buffalo is reminiscent of the policy towards the Indians. The attempts to find any excuse overt or covert, legal or illegal to remove Indians for the express purpose of taking their land. If that policy was enforced against another human race, well it does not surprise me that a similar policy is in place against the buffalo. For greed is the great motivator of self indulgence.

If you are Christian or a traditional spiritual Indian, our creators are the same God. However, God never gave man the authority to destroy the earth and all living things upon it. Remember these Indian words always; “For what befalls mother earth, befalls the children of humankind.´

Marty (Fire Rider) Hiles, co-host American Indian Movement Today Show on World Talk Radio, Worlds largest American Indian Talk Radio show.

Marty Fire Rider Hiles
Northern Ontariio Ojibwe

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