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American Indian Movement
Riverside Chapter

Southern California


American Indian Movement of California, Inc.
A California Non Profit Corporation

Serving All of Southern California

From Los Angeles to Arizona & from San Diego to San Bernardino

AIM Logo Copy Rights of AIM GGC

This AIM Chapter Proudly Supports the Goals, Principals and Philosophy of the AIM Grand Governing Council located in Minneapolis, Minn.


Replacing Apathy & Despondency
Unity & Hope
Spirituality, Truth & Proactive Advocacy


"Many People spend a lifetime wondering who they are.
The American Indian does not have that problem."
Marty Fire Rider Hiles
Northern Ontario Ojibwe

Our Approach Is

"Positive Activism"
In Support Of Indian Heritage, Culture & Sovereignty

Get To Know The True American Indian Movement
From The 70's To The Positive Changes Taking Place Today


for current News and Events in Indian Country and AIM

A Message of; HOPE & UNITY
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Indian Ideology, A Political Position ??

AIM Riverside Vision - Strategies & Concepts ... Have an Open Mind?


Historical Truths

Read the True Story about COLUMBUS or THANKSGIVING DAY, and other Historical Truths.

See A.I.M. Riverside Position Paper & Goals

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AIM San Diego is in the process of major leadership changes. Check out the chapter web site.


Two Recent News Articles (tag to read)

"American Indian Movement Creates Riverside Chapter", 29 Dec 2005, North County Times

"American Indian Movement Moves Forward", 30 Dec 2005, Indian Country Today



Grand Coverning Council BLOGGER Web Site

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*See our Veterans page for Benefits, Assistance, Educational Opportunities & More.*


*See our Educational Page for Thousands of Opportunities.*


A.I.M. Mission Statement

The American Indian Movement Riverside is a proactive advocacy and educational organization concerned with promoting the unity and security of Indian communities, families, and drug free youth programs. The organization is dedicated to representing the many interests and concerns of all Native American Indian people, particularly renewal of spirituality to empower Indian people with dignity regarding political, social and legal issues, including cultural traditions and inherent sovereign rights.

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A.I.M. Riverside Chapter

P.O. Box 135

Mountain Center, California 92561


AIM DISCLAIMER: The American Indian Movement its Chapters and Support Groups do not support, nor condone Violence or acts of Malicious behavior. Such behavior by individuals acting on their own, do not represent AIM. AIM is a spiritual movement of committed individuals who walk the red path of tolerance, peace and respecting all life as sacred.

Any questions or comments regarding actions, events, etc., involving or regarding participation of ANY American Indian Movement Group or Individual, please contact us at aim@aimriverside.org

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