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Events & News in Indian Country


"We wish more tribes could realize that through UNITY and
willingness to work hard together much can be done."

Vine Deloria, 1968, published article, "The Sentinel"

Events & News

Russell Means

On December 19, 2007

Russell Means, calls for withdrawal from Treaties with the United States.

The treaties signed with the United States are merely "worthless words on worthless paper," the Lakota freedom activists say on their website.

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Ojibwe Adoptees Welcomed Home

Sept 04, 2007

White Earth along with Red Lake reservation had the highest rates of removal in the state of MN where 1 in 4 babies were removed from their home before the passage of ICWA in 1978.

The White Earth Band of Ojibwe recognizes the importance of
acknowledging all its relatives and wishes to provide a time of healing. Our community has been deeply impacted by systematic child removal, especially prior to the passage of the Indian Child Welfare Act. It is time to welcome our adoptees back home, to come together and provide healing and reconnecting.

White Earth will be offering a community forum and healing including, spiritual teachings, education, and the opportunity to learn more about our history. For more information please contact Sandy White Hawk at First Nations Orphan Association.

For questions please contact:
Sandy White Hawk:
sadoptee at yahoo.com


On December 13, 2007 Floyd Red Crow Westerman Took His Final Journey

Floyd Red Crow Westerman

Floyd Red Crow Westerman passed to the spirit world December 13, 2007, in Los Angeles, California, with family at his side. He was a great leader and the face of AIM.

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AIM Riverside Guest Book Temporary Closed

A.I.M. Grand Governing Council (Vernon Bellecourt) in 2006 ostracized A.I.M. San Diego Chapter President and his family oligarchy due to serious unethical actions against other A.I.M. members and allegations of not serving the greater interest of Indian causes nor supporting the principals & philosophy of A.I.M. and it leadership.

Consequently, he has continued to post profane and threatening messages in our Guest Book. Consequently, this immature action has forced us to temporarily close the Guest Book until we can criminally and legally resolve this matter. We apologize to those who have left positive letters of support while having to read such despicable language from someone who does not have the moral character nor maturity to be a leader.

We pray for them that they will see the error of their ways and once again join their Indian brothers and sisters in serving a goal that is greater then themselves, UNITY.


Billy Soza Warsoldier receives Cambridge Who's Who Award

December 2007
Billy Soza Warsoldier

Cambridge Who’s Who features executives, professionals and entrepreneurs have announced Billy Warsoldier’s (Soboba Cahuilla/Apache) inclusion in the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry which showcases career achievements, professional accomplishments and business ventures.

Inclusion in the registry is an honor limited to individuals who have demonstrated leadership and achievement in their industry and occupation. For Billy it was his proven leader in the Arts Industry and his Native American artwork.

On October 13, 2007 Vernon Bellecourt Took His Final Journey

Oct 17, 1931 - Oct 13, 2007

He was an Exceptionally Great Leader and will be Extremely Missed. He was A.I.M.

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Read News Article regarding AIM Riverside starting up.

Marty Fire Rider Hiles

Two Recent News Articles

"American Indian Movement creates Riverside Chapter", 29 Dec 2005, North County Times

"AIM Indian Helping Indians", 30 Dec 2005, Indian Country Today

Billy Warsoldier Wounded by Unknown Assailant

Billy Warsoldier, the Chairman of the AIM Riverside Chapter was recently shot 4 times by an unknown assailant. Billy does not understand why we (Native Indians) continue to fight among ourselves when there are more serious pressing problems such as methamphetamine usage or civil rights violations. These divisive issues of families fighting families resulting in disenrollment are only harming all Indian people. Billy Warsoldier stated that, “ Native Indians will never achieve equality and political parity with the dominate culture until all Indian people come together under the banner of UNITY, United we win, divided we lose.”

Billy is doing fine and is expected to fully recover while continuing his work as an American Indian Movement community leader pressing forward for unity and equality for his people.

“In The Spirit of Who We Are.”


AMERIND RISK MANAGEMENT CORP. An Indian Non Profit Insurance Company: To be the premier American Indian risk management company providing culturally sensitive professional services and quality products that champion safe and secure living conditions, and contribute to economic opportunities in Indian Country.

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EVERY FEBRUARY, the Annual International "Sacred Run" will begin from Alcatraz Island to Washington, D.C., a Distance of 3800 miles. The 70-day run will cover 12 states before arriving at the nations capital on Earth Day in April each year.


A.I.M. Mission Statement

The American Indian Movement Riverside is a proactive advocacy and educational organization concerned with promoting the unity and security of Indian communities, families, and drug free youth programs. The organization is dedicated to representing the many interests and concerns of all Native American Indian people, particularly renewal of spirituality to empower Indian people with dignity regarding political, social and legal issues, including cultural traditions and inherent sovereign rights.

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A.I.M. Riverside Chapter

P.O. Box 135

Mountain Center, California 92561


AIM DISCLAIMER: The American Indian Movement its Chapters and Support Groups do not support, nor condone Violence or acts of Malicious behavior. Such behavior by individuals acting on their own, do not represent AIM. AIM is a spiritual movement of committed individuals who walk the red path of tolerance, peace and respecting all life as sacred.

Any questions or comments regarding actions, events, etc., involving or regarding participation of ANY American Indian Movement Group or Individual, please contact us at aim@aimriverside.org

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