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Columbus Day Commentary Page

Columbus Day or Invasion Day?

Columbus Day or Invasion Day?

October 05, 2005

Some call it a first amendment right to celebrate Columbus Day. Understand, we are not saying that you do not have the RIGHT to celebrate Columbus Day. All we are saying is listen to the truth. Because, if the truth be known, you would not celebrate Columbus Day. Just take a moment to ponder the real meaning of the words, Genocide, Holocaust, Slavery, Butchery and Massacre to name just a few. Honestly, the truth can set you free. Open your mind and your heart will follow.

As a nation let us take Columbus Day and change it to at the LEAST Italian Day, and at the Best, American Indian Indigenous Day.

For the sake of compromise call it Cultural Days. This way all Americans can celebrate their own culture. Be it Irish, American Indian, Japanese, Mexican, German, South African, whatever.

Hate and racism is not in the Indian vocabulary. So let's move beyond this ignorant mind set and become a nation of people from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. A nation where we can all respect each others differences, yet find common ground to live together in peace.

Let the healing begin, today.

Marty Firerider
Radio Host

American Indian Movement Today Show
World Talk Radio
760-231-6169 Fax

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