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Indian Mascots & Logo Racism


The mascot issue is a very sensitive issue to Native Indian People. Imagine if there was a team called the Washington Whiteskins, Boston Blackskins, vice the Washington Redskins. Yes, there is a lot of political correctness that has gone to far by trying to rewrite history. However, understand that Indian people didn't vote until 1924. Only recently following the social changes from the 1960's & 70's do Indian people have the resources to fight these and all types of controversial issues. If you don't think that racism is alive and well today... read links below with an OPEN MIND.

Indian Mascot & Logo Taskforce, Wisconsin Indian Education Association

American indian Sports Team Mascots,Informative Site

Understanding The American Indian Mascot Issue A Collection of Writings on Team Names and Logos

Should images of American Indians and American Indian religous symbols and imagery be used as sport mascots? North Carolina Public & School Debate

Asheville North Carolina AIM, Very Informative Site

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A.I.M. Mission Statement

The American Indian Movement Riverside is a proactive advocacy and educational organization concerned with promoting the unity and security of Indian communities, families, and drug free youth programs. The organization is dedicated to representing the many interests and concerns of all Native American Indian people, particularly renewal of spirituality to empower Indian people with dignity regarding political, social and legal issues, including cultural traditions and inherent sovereign rights.

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