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Annie Mae Controversy

Annie Mae Controversy

Below is in response to an email sent to AIM alleging that AIM had some involvement with her death. First is our reply then the email making such allegations. You Read & Decide!

AIM Response:

Paul, thank you for writing about the tragic death of Annie Mae. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed as were numerous other Indian deaths and disappearances during that time period. I have reviewed the web sites that you cited in your email with an open mind. They are very convincing, however from a legal perspective they would be considered hearsay unless someone is willing to sign a sworn affidavits. But consider this? The FBI would have loved nothing better then to eliminate the AIM leadership if there was any shred of truth to these allegations. You can rest assure that the FBI has investigated this case many times over the years with the intent to take out the AIM leadership that they consider a threat to the governments continual Indian policy of divide and conquer. This is especially true after losing two FBI agents to AIM. Whereupon, they falsely accused Leonard Peltier to get their token Indian behind bars. Look how effective the Feds conspired to lock away Leonard.

Has anyone considered that the FEDS may have perpetrated this Annie Mae conspiracy? What a better way then to continue to divide and conquer Indian people. Understand, the U.S. Government's biggest fear is Indian Unity, the past 400 years is proof of that.

If anyone has any evidence then go to the authorities, so we can resolve this very tragic and divisive issue. Sadly, conspiracy theories are a great way to continue to divide and control our people. Most Indian people, including most AIM members today had no involvement nor had any knowledge of what transpired 30 years ago during those turbulent times. Our people should not be held hostage to the past nor denied the opportunity for a better tomorrow. We need to work together "united" to avoid the same pitfalls from ever occurring in the future. Is this possible? Can we all amicably agree to disagree for the greater good?

As Indian people we need to rise above all this divisiveness. "United we stand, divided we fall." The day when Indian people can "speak as one voice" is the day when Indian Power will change America for the better. We can not change the past, but in respect of Anna Mae's spirit and all those who suffered the loss of loved ones, we can learn from the mistakes of the past. They all believed in a common cause bigger then themselves, Indian Unity. We should not allow their sacrifices to have been in vain. Let "unity" and "solidarity" be spoken daily by our children for a better tomorrow. I Pray, let the healing begin.

In Solidarity,
Marty Firerider

Vine Deloria, 1968, "The Sentinel" Quotes:

"That takes dedication and faith in Indian people that somehow, someday, Indians will UNITE and become the force that they should."

"We wish more tribes could realize that through UNITY and willingness to work hard together much can be done."

Paul DeMain, Editor News From Indian Country Alligations

"We have to get past this petty stuff like this."

Maybe for somebody that has grown in a military family and spent time in Viet Nam the murder of a Native American mother on American soil is pretty petty when compared to mascot issues, repatriation and domestic funding for
Native American programs.

Please take some time and review the historic record regarding the deaths of Annie Mae, and Ray Robinson, amongst others, attributed to your buddies, Vernon, Clyde and Dennis. You should know what you are talking about
before you declare the murder of a Native American mother through a conspiracy of several former drug dealers and prison inmates, "petty."

Please see,

www.jfamr.org for updated files on the Aquash Murder,including narratives
in which convicted murderer Arlo Looking Cloud says ask "Bellecourt."

www.indigenouswomenforjustice.org for information on John Graham

www.IndianCountryNews.com for historical articles on Aquash and Peltier.

As an Ojibwe/Oneida journalist who grew up around these so-called AIM leaders, and as someone who previously supported the Movement's efforts and call, and as someone who used to think that an injustice had been rendered
in the case of Peltier and used this newspaper to say so, the last decade of research and interviews has been a eye-opener.

Yours from Ojibway Country, your homeland, a member of the Lodge, 1st Degree, and seated on the Chidewagun at Lac Courte Oreilles, and Lac du Flambeau.

Gigawabamin Minowaa, Skabewis


Paul DeMain, Editor
News From Indian Country
8558N County Road K
Hayward, Wisconsn 54843
715.634.5226 Ext. 24

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