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Indian Quotations By Marty Hiles

“Many People spend a lifetime wondering who they are. The American Indian does not have that problem.”
Marty Hiles, Northern Ontario Ojibwe

“Character, Honor, Integrity and Sacrifice is the core of Traditional Indian Warriors and Leadership. There is no substitute.”
Marty Hiles, Northern Ontario Ojibwe

“Every Indian is forced to be an activists. Sadly, all other conditions are secondary.”
Marty Hiles, Northern Ontario Ojibwe

AIM Warriors set high standards for themselves and those around them, and will accept nothing less. They have distinguished themselves by their bravery, and stubbornness and aggressive spirit, and sacrifice, and love of culture, and loyalty to one another. They asked for nothing more than the honor of being a Spiritual Warrior for their People. That's why I respect AIM.
Marty Hiles, Northern Ontario Ojibwe

“Take me to the Jails. I want to see the real AIM Warriors.”
Author Unknown.

“They may have beat us once because they had more guns and soldiers. But today, we have more lawyers and casino’s.
Marty Hiles, Northern Ontario Ojibwe

“Don’t forget that we are all first American Indians! Not all the Bureaucrats in Hell or Washington can change that.”
Marty Hiles, Northern Ontario Ojibwe

For Our People, is our Creed, being Indian is our Breed.
Marty Hiles, Northern Ontario Ojibwe

“For the Indian there is no peace. Our warriors wear suits and our battlefield is fought in the courts.”
Marty Hiles, Northern Ontario Ojibwe

A.I.M. Mission Statement

The American Indian Movement Riverside is a proactive advocacy and educational organization concerned with promoting the unity and security of Indian communities, families, and drug free youth programs. The organization is dedicated to representing the many interests and concerns of all Native American Indian people, particularly renewal of spirituality to empower Indian people with dignity regarding political, social and legal issues, including cultural traditions and inherent sovereign rights.

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A.I.M. Riverside Chapter

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Mountain Center, California 92561


AIM DISCLAIMER: The American Indian Movement its Chapters and Support Groups do not support, nor condone Violence or acts of Malicious behavior. Such behavior by individuals acting on their own, do not represent AIM. AIM is a spiritual movement of committed individuals who walk the red path of tolerance, peace and respecting all life as sacred.

Any questions or comments regarding actions, events, etc., involving or regarding participation of ANY American Indian Movement Group or Individual, please contact us at aim@aimriverside.org

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