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Indian Ideology

Indian Ideology, A Political Position

Indian Ideology, A Political Position

This is a Reply to Indigenous Democratic Network Article.

To INDN’s Indigenous Democratic Network List; Marty replies,

How can anyone know the truth when you do not publish your opponents (the Republican) article so we as intelligent Indians can make up our own minds. The problem is that there are too many people telling us (Indians) what we should know and think. After 500 years of genocide with the dominate culture writing history as a testament to their great power, we need to be cautious of all political parties intentions. As spiritual traditionalist we are not Republican, nor Democrat, we are Indigenous American Indians with a very unique spiritual culture that is different from that of the dominate culture. We walk a straight path (the red spiritual path) down the middle of the road and avoid the extremes of life including political parties with adamant ideologues. Being non-politically aligned, we can exploit both parties for our peoples advantage while not tying our culture or survival to either party. Beside, if you directly associate with one party; when they lose controlling power, so do you.

As a former activist and lobbyist in Washington, D.C., I have never seen such hate in American politics as I have seen these days. Hate is not our peoples ways and to support either party that promotes hate is to loose ones traditional ways. We need to open our hearts to look beyond the ideology of all political parties and learn how to better manipulate their power to benefit our culture and people. Every party has something that embraces our traditional cultural ways that we can exploit.

It would be advantageous if we could initiate an American Indigenous Party. Unfortunately, the ideologues extremists would take it over and tie its survival to one main stream party. But if we had our own American Indigenous political party we could be very effective if we stayed moderate and traditional.

Hank you for your efforts. Please keep us informed, but fully informed.

Marty Fire Rider

A commentary by Marty Fire Rider

Marty Fire Rider Hiles

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