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Asking Indians To Celebrate Columbus Day
is like
Asking Jews To Honor Hitler's Birthday


The Truth Will Set You Free.

What is the meaning of this day to each of us, or is there any meaning at all? History is written by the victors, but that does not necessarily mean it is correct. Read this paper then form your own conclusion. There are many historical web sites and libraries to verify the data below.

Who was Christopher Columbus? Was he a pagan who was lost, sick and destitute who washed up on America's shores. Did he discovered a better world for Europeans to plunder that was not only filled with a people rich in culture, but filled with gold, minerals, food, i.e., corn, potatoes, tomatoes, chocolate, strawberries, yams, tobacco, maple syrup, and so much more. It was a beautiful land with wondrous natural resources that have fed, clothed and cured the entire world. All we ask is that the truth be told.

Columbus Day Commentary & Position Paper

Consider There Historical Facts. The Truth Will Set You Free

Consider These Questions About Columbus

Sources to Read Regarding The Truth of Columbus

AIM Grand Governing Council Press Release Regarding Colonial Pirate Christoper Columbus

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